We live in a world of law, there is no doubt about it. St. Barts is no exception to this rule. Real estate law, tax law, employment law, commercial law, criminal law, family law: law is ubiquitous in daily life and affects most personal and professional choices.

Law is useful if you know how to use it: it's a job. It's my job.

I will be there to help you deal with the constant evolution of Law. Whether your need it for your personal or professional projects, I will advise you and guide you through the necessary negotiations to reach your goal.
I am a deed editor (employment contracts, articles of association, leases, sales of business assets, transactions...)

I can also prevent a lawsuit by finding amicable solutions with you to your conflicts. During a trial, I will represent you and protect your interests at all stages and until completion..

Marie-Noël Caron
Attorney at Law